We are Your Calm
After the Storm

Extreme weather doesn’t discriminate; hail and blown debris can cause massive damage to both personal and commercial vehicles. But having weather damage to your vehicle repaired shouldn’t be as stressful as the storm that caused it.

Paintless Dent Repair

Minor dings and dents caused by hail or other falling debris can be repaired without having to repaint. Using specialized tools and advancing technology, we can restore your vehicle to pre-damaged condition, while maintaining its original paint. Depending on the location and severity of the damage, this may be your best option for repairing weather damage.

Vehicle Damage

Your vehicle can suffer all forms of damage in a severe storm. Paintmaster is uniquely equipped to restore your vehicle after a storm, since we perform both body work and painting. We can restore your vehicle to perfect pre-damaged condition and are prepared to fix:

  • Dents and dings that have scuffed the paint
  • Chips to the windshield or windows
  • Wheel and bumper damage

Paintmaster Collision Center is a division of HAILUSA.

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